Service Management for Non-IT Departments

Service Management ITIL(R) has changed over the past few years focusing on IT and what advantages ITIL(R) has to offer the companies it supports.    Currently ITIL(R) V3 contains 5 main books consisting of numerous processes and countless supporting documents reinforcing the opportunities that ITIL(R) provides.

Besides Service Management training and consulting, what we also provide is a unique service directed at those effected by IT and ITIL(R) in general.   So much emphasis has been made on making IT better, yet very little addresses the departments or organizations that depend on IT with it's Services Managmenet process driven approach.  We address the relationship of associated departments who rely on IT for support.  We  also provide sessions that not only provide an ITIL(R) over view but work shops on the Who, What, Where, When and Why so that IT can implement ITIL(R)  more effectively and improve the over all IT health of any size organization.

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